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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AWAM Urge for More Research on Dumping Babies’ Issue

24 August 2010

Letter to Editor, 

All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) Urge for More Research on Dumping Babies’ Issue

Baby dumping is not something new and the recent spate of incidents finally attracted the attention of the authorities. This provoked the usual knee-jerk reactions.  PAS blaming Valentine’s & New Year’s day celebrations and authorities condemning motor bikes ride with the opposite sex as pillion rider, are just some of the ridiculous reactions, which reflect the serious lack of analysis and understanding of the issue.

It is important to conduct proper studies and delve deeper into the issue before meting out unqualified, harsh and judgmental ‘punishments’ which will not only destroy any persons but also not offer any solutions. It is often through fear of being subjected to harsh reprimands, rehabilitation and stigmatisation that forces people to dump babies. Hence, the first step would be to create a safe environment where these people know that they can go to – to be helped, to be listened to, to be understood and to be cared for. 

AWAM would like to stress that baby dumping is not about a sexual relationship, but about the need for solid sex education which includes the respect of the body and responsible relationships. AWAM therefore, strongly advocates sound sex education, beginning from the home and in both primary and secondary schools. This is in the hope that with knowledge and reliable information, people would be able to make responsible and informed choices in their lives. This will ultimately save lives!

Haslina Yacoob
President of AWAM

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