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Saturday, July 31, 2010



The Internal Security Act (ISA) has been the most draconian law in this country. Thousands of people have been arrested without trial, tortured, humiliated and denied their rights to defend themselves. It has been used against leftist, politicians, trade unions, academicians, students, NGO  leaders, environmental activist, mother tongue activist, religious organizations, bloggers and many others. It cuts across race,  religion and nationality.
It has been used by all the previous Prime Ministers to remain in power. ISA is a threat to democracy and human rights. It is a weapon used to curb dissent and it is designed to be used on anybody at anytime.

As long as ISA is there, this country is deemed to be under “martial law”. The last emergency ended on 31 July 1960 and the following day 1 August 1960, ISA was enacted and since then it has become the de-facto emergency. This undeclared emergency for the last 50 years today has to end. It should not be continued in any other form. PSM calls for the abolishment of ISA and all other laws which allows detention without trial.

Released by

Secretary General,
Parti Socialis Malaysia (PSM)

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